Life-sized teddy bear

A number of packages arrived today, both expected and not expected. I tend to do most of my shopping for staples like skincare/cosmetics/clothes around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and if I am buying Christmas/birthday gifts for friends or family, I usually use this time to take advantage of all the discounts and deals. What I was not expecting to be delivered today was a huge Amazon box that was gift wrapped and not from our baby registry.

When we opened the box, which was addressed to me, there was a large vacuum-sealed bag. It came with a gift note, which said it was from “the Dream Team.” The label said it was a 55-inch teddy bear… for Pookie. I couldn’t believe it; my team at work had sent me a life-sized teddy bear. I read the reviews, and this guy will need to be unzipped and re-fluffed to be in his full, optimal glory!

“DO NOT take it out of its packaging!” Chris exclaimed, bewildered that someone had sent us such a massively sized stuffed animal. “We have so much clutter! There is stuff everywhere now!”

I’d always wanted a life-sized stuffed animal, just for shits and giggles. In my dreams, it was a Totoro or Snoopy the size of me, but hey, this teddy bear will do. I cannot wait to see how Pookie looks next to this teddy bear in terms of size. It will be too cute.

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