One month away

We’re about 36 weeks into this pregnancy, so really any day now, Pookie Bear could try to break out of jail and cause me a lot of mess to clean up. While others who have no clue tell me that I still have time, colleagues and friends who are moms tell me that I really should be wrapping up everything I need and want to get done… NOW. “I thought I had a lot of time,” a colleague told me today. “I was 36 weeks and 4 days and was at my OB’s office, and she told me there were no signs the baby was coming soon, so I should just keep working. That night, I woke up at 3am to my bed totally soaked. My water had broken!” Her baby was born about 20 hours later.

I think we have everything we absolutely need; if there’s anything else, the hospital will give it to us, or it’ll be a quick CVS trip or Amazon delivery. I know I need to sort through all of Pookie Bear’s gifts and wash her clothes. I actually don’t think we even have enough newborn onesies and sleepers for her that will fit. I still want to add more food to the freezer that is ready to eat. I was really looking forward to making lactation cookie dough balls for the freezer, as well as padsicles, even though that sounds very not-exciting.

I keep telling Pookie Bear every day that I want her to be a December baby, so keep baking in there and take her time. We have a short pep talk every day. Don’t do anything rash, Pookie Bear! Your mummy has a bunch of things she wants to do before your arrival.

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