When you can see the baby move from the outside

When I first started feeling fetal movements around week 15, I got really excited. I couldn’t believe that this tiny human was still growing and thriving inside of me, and every little flutter or tickle was like a little blessing. And as the weeks have gone by and she has grown and gotten bigger, the movements have transitioned from feeling like internal tickles or flutters to actual, real movements. Sometimes, they feel like tiny punches. Other times, they feel like real kicks or slaps on the inside. But all of them have made me feel incredibly lucky and grateful. They say that the more fetal movement you feel, the better the sign that the baby is growing and developing into a healthy little human. And so each time I feel these, even when it can be uncomfortable or at inopportune times, like while I’m presenting during a meeting, I remind myself that this all means my little baby is healthy.

Since we got back from Turkey, though, I’ve realized that I can actually *see* the tiny movements on the outside when I pay attention. The baby is still tiny, just about 2 lb in weight, but you can actually see the little kicks and punches now if you look closely enough. So what I’ve been doing, usually right after a meal or at bedtime when she is normally most active, is I’ve been lifting up my shirt while sitting or lying down up to my chest so I can see the movements more closely. Chris grimaced when I first started doing this: “Why are you lifting your shirt up like that? You look like one of those fat men who pulls up their shirt after eating too much!” But then, I’d tell him to watch the belly, and he was able to see the tiny movements himself, which made him chuckle and realize why I wanted to do this.

I hope my little one keeps growing and kicking. I love watching and feeling all of her movements. It’s the biggest highlight of each day for me now.

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