Growing belly and limited visibility down there

I am now in my 28th week of pregnancy. I never thought I’d get here, but well, here I am. Every day feels like a blessing, and every movement makes me feel so grateful to have gotten this far.

As I was showering the other morning, I realized that I needed to shave my pubic area, and well, I was lacking the visibility I usually have of it down there. Once upon a time, I could peer down my stomach and see it; now, I have to crook my neck over to the left or right and stretch out a bit before I can actually see myself. This is going to be increasingly challenging, I thought to myself. At some point, I may even need a mirror to guide myself while shaving to ensure I don’t end up injuring myself!

No one really warns you of these things before you get pregnant, though. We’re just supposed to suck it up and figure it out. Even lifting my legs or feet to wash myself has become a bit more challenging given my changing center of gravity. I have to be more careful so that I don’t fall over when doing this. And normally, I have pretty decent balance for someone who has little athletic ability. I wonder if at some point of pregnancy, women just put a stool in their shower so that they can wash themselves while sitting down. That sounds almost geriatric, but… anything to keep clean and safe, right?

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