Glucose test – the prenatal test every woman loves

So today, I had my inevitable glucose test. This is the test where, between week 24 and 28 of pregnancy, your OB asks you to drink 10 ounces of a sickly sweet drink called “glucola” in ten minutes. Then, an hour later, they draw your blood and evaluate it to see if you have gestational diabetes. If you test positive for it, they will screen you for further tests to see how severe it is. Then, depending on the severity of it, you will be required to prick your finger multiple times a day and adjust your diet accordingly. That basically means: limiting or eliminating refined sugar, reducing refined carbs (goodbye, white rice, white flour anything, ahhhhhhhhhhh). This needs to be done until you give birth for the health and well being of your baby. And if you test negative, well, congratulations! It means you can eat and live your life as you did before the test.

I know too many women who have developed gestational diabetes during pregnancy, and although it is temporary, it still is no walk in the park. Women always say their lives are already restricted because of pregnancy, and a gestational diabetes diagnosis just restricts your life even further. I’m hoping and praying that I test negative for it.

In the days leading up to the test, I reduced any refined sugar/refined carb intake and even didn’t eat any fruit before my appointment. It’s also been said that regular exercise in pregnancy can reduce your chance of gestational diabetes by more than 70 percent. I hope this will include me.

If I test negative for it, I am definitely celebrating by baking chocolate chip miso cookies. That will be my reward for myself.

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