Fetal movements tracking

Now that my little baby has grown quite a bit, it’s estimated that at 23+ weeks, she’s just over a pound in total weight, and thus I can feel her more often than just after rigorous physical activity and eating. Now, I feel her movements throughout the day, sometimes when I am just sitting here on a work call, I can feel her moving and squirming around. Though almost like clockwork, she will always move quite a bit after meals and after my morning workouts.

For a second, I felt a little worried today because after lunch, I barely felt her move at all. So to check in on her, I started tapping and pushing my fingers into my lower abdomen to get her to react, and well, yes, she seemed to have felt it, as she responded by pressing up against my stomach and then making me want to pee immediately. She then continued to move around for a few minutes and then slowed down. It was a little bit paranoid, but I needed to make sure my baby was okay. I’ve read that at week 24 and beyond, baby in the womb can also sense light, so if you are sitting in darkness and shine a flashlight on your belly, she will actually react by moving! I’m looking forward to testing that out and teasing her.

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