20-week full anatomy scan

This morning, we went to the hospital for a full, detailed anatomy scan. These are usually done between 20-22 weeks of pregnancy, and they are just as detailed as you’d imagine: they’re basically taking pictures of every single organ, limb, finger, eye socket, genitalia that exists. They also take very zoomed in shots of the different chambers of the heart and sections of the brain to ensure proper development up until this stage. While it’s always exciting to be able to see the baby and watch her move (and she certainly does a LOT of that!), it’s not always that fun to have your stomach pressed on constantly and then to have a wand stuck up your vagina when they’re not able to get the proper pictures just from the abdominal ultrasound. The doctor had to come in towards the end because the original brain photos weren’t clear enough, and he pressed down HARD on my belly while also moving around a wand in my vagina. That was pretty miserable and I held my breath, hoping it would end soon. I was literally lying on that table for over an hour.

Well, the stars seemed to have aligned: baby’s development looks great, and the doctor says he has no concerns at all. They asked me to come back in 10 weeks at the 30-week mark to measure overall fetal growth. My little schnookums is doing quite well, maybe even a little too well with how active she is. She certainly loves touching her face and flipped a few times during the scan. She even stuck her feet up in her face!

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