19 week OB visit

On Friday, I went to my OB-GYN office for my scheduled 19-week appointment. There, I got to see my little baby on the ultrasound once again. She is still growing with a healthy heart, thankfully. The doctor measured the amount of liquid in the amniotic sac to ensure it was adequate and also checked her heart rate, which all looked good. We also got to see her move her hands around and even try to cover her face; it was as though she knew we were looking in and wanted to get away from us! “And there’s her little distinct nose; she’s so adorable!” the doctor exclaimed. Yes, the nose was quite distinct, even on this ultrasound screen which wasn’t super clear.

I go back in five weeks for my 24-week appointment, when I have to do the test I’ve dreaded this entire pregnancy: the glucose test. This is the test where, about an hour before my visit, I have to drink a bottle of this disgusting “glucola” solution, and when I come in, they draw my blood to test for gestational diabetes. If the test is negative, then YAY! Good news, and I can proceed as per usual with diet and level of activity. If the test is positive… well, that’s when I’ll be completely upset and terrified and have to prick my finger multiple times a day to check my blood sugar level and watch all refined carbs/sugar intake until I give birth. I’m hoping and hoping hard that I do not have it. I know a lot of women who have had it, and it’s really no fun AT ALL.

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