Bump on display

I was heading out to have dinner with a friend tonight when Chris did a once-over on what I was wearing. “What’s happened in the last week?! You’re popping out now!” He jokingly likes to say that I’m getting fat… which is comical given that I know if I were gaining weight due to eating, it certainly would NOT manifest itself in the same way as a baby bump. When I gain weight from food, it tends to accumulate on my ” love handles,” or waist, and also a little on my arms I’d assume.

I have a few easy pull-over dresses that are more form fitting and that I’ve worn in the last week since it’s been quite hot outside, and they’re just easy to throw on since they are stretchy and one-piece. When I met my friend at the restaurant, I asked her if I looked any different, and she did a once-over and got a little confused and kept looking me over. “Wait, you’re PREGNANT! OMGG!!!” she exclaimed, giving me a hug. She said she felt a little tired from work when she first came out to see me, but after a visit to the bathroom and on the way back, she watched me walking back over and said, “I can’t believe I missed it in the beginning. You are so obviously showing now! You’re so skinny that it really pops out!”

As my belly continues to stick out and grow, it will be more and more comical to watch different people’s reactions. Keep growing, you little lemon baby.

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