Heartburn and endless pee; early pregnancy symptoms continue

Last night, I had to wake up three times to pee. I really have no idea where all this liquid is coming from. In some way, I am happy to be experiencing some pregnancy symptoms to “show” the fact that I am pregnant, but in other ways, this is just plainly annoying. Throughout the day in tiny spurts, I occasionally have had a burning sensation in my chest, which is also supposed to be a normal symptom now. During your first trimester while pregnant, your uterus, literally every single minute of every single day, is gradually expanding, which is why I can feel a slight tension/pressure on my lower abdomen most of the day. It’s expanding to make room for your growing embryo, which will hopefully grow into a fetus. And as your uterus expands, it’s putting more pressure on your bladder, resulting in your wanting and needing to pee more often. In addition to that, more blood is circulating through your body to make room and space for your growing embryo, and your kidneys are also becoming more efficient at releasing waste, including your pee, so this also makes you need to go to the bathroom more.

I never thought much before about how complex the female body is when it comes to reproduction, but reading whattoexpect.com and What to Expect When You’re Expecting with all the diagrams and explanations has really given me newfound appreciation and amazement at the female body and all we’re capable of doing. I thought, wow, I don’t even need to give it an instruction manual? The body just does it because it just... knows? How crazy!!

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