Fruit cutting = love

I was having a Zoom chat with two of my friends yesterday night, and one of the topics that came up was fruit cutting, funnily enough. We were talking about our lack of social lives given the pandemic, that Zoom chats were the real “out” of conversing with our partners. And I told them that I’ve prepared lunch every single work weekday for Chris and me, not to mention daily fruit bowls.

“I have probably prepared about 370 fruit bowls for both of us since this pandemic began!” I exclaimed.

One of my friends responded that her boyfriend is obsessed with having fruit cut for him, too. When they were in Bali years ago where they had a helper who would prepare meals, he explicitly requested a fresh fruit smoothie and a plate of a variety of cut fruit every day. She thought it would be nice for her to cut him some fruit one day after the trip, so he asked for papaya. She went to buy a papaya and realized how annoying it was to peel and cut the fruit, so she gave up, and he ended up having to cut it!

“If he wants fruit, we can go on vacation again, or my grandma can cut it for him!” she said, laughing. She said moving forward, she would cut him a fruit bowl once a year… on his birthday.

Chris has no idea how good he has it….

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