Elbow pain continues

It’s been nearly a month since my right elbow flare up. And despite doing daily nerve flossing exercises, stretching, and avoiding certain activities (like carrying too much weight on my right side), the symptoms do not seem to be getting better. Instead, the “funny bone” area right under both elbows is extremely sensitive. Even when I’m lying on the floor doing glute bridges, I can actually feel the funny bone area, which isn’t a great sign.

I was lying on the floor doing glute bridges, acutely aware of my elbow sensitivity and pain, reminiscing on the time when I could do exercise, whether that was glute bridges or push ups, and not feel any pain or sensitivity at all. I’m 35 years old with semi-chronic pain issues that I’d never foreseen before. If you asked me a year ago if I could fathom this, I would have said no. But now, it’s almost like I’m a mini-me of my mom with nerve issues, which is likely one of her nightmares. She’s always warned me not to spend so much time on a computer or phone, and well, look at where I am now. I don’t see the end of this pain in sight, and it is getting to be depressing.

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