A Series of Uneventful Dreams in the Last Week

I think that my boring, mundane, “I have no idea what the meaning of this is, but I’m at least happy that nothing awful or terrifying or violent is happening” dreams seem to be continuing. If I had to try to identify when these vanilla dreams started, I’d say that it’s likely when I became more deliberate about my daily meditation time. Here are some dreams I’ve had in the last week:

Our friend and handyman was in Chris’s parents’ formal living room in Melbourne, delivering a lecture on dry rot, how to identify it, and how to solve it as a homeowner. He had a pointer and a big white board with all kinds of drawings and diagrams on it. I was sitting at the entrance of the living room watching. 

I opened one of our apartment closets to realize that there was actually a doorway into ANOTHER hidden compartment for storage. And in that storage area, I had a lot of beautiful carbon steel and cast iron pans waiting for me to use them. Oooooh, this was an amazing find.

I was at a banquet hall with my parents and my aunt. My aunt accompanies me to the bathroom, and as I’m entering a stall and closing it, she asks, “when are you going to have a baby?” Ughhhhhh.

My mom is sitting at some random table with me, and she asks if she can borrow my orchid porcelain tea pot because she is planning to host a tea tasting with my dad at their house for some friends. This is obviously a dream because a) my mom hates hosting anything or having anyone over at the house and b) my mom could truly care less about the nuances in flavor of one green or oolong tea to another.  

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