What Asian parents say at aquariums

While walking through Golden Gate Park this morning, my parents and I completely lucked out when we passed the California Academy of Sciences (which also includes the Planetarium and the Steinhart Aquarium) to find out that admission was free for us this weekend given our zip code (I still have my San Francisco driver’s license). It is normally about $40 for adults and $35 for seniors, so this was a pretty lucky and substantial savings for us today.

We wandered through the aquarium, and while my dad was getting oogly-eyed over all the beautiful colors of the fish, my mom was more focused on the size of the fish and whether they would be good to eat. “This would taste delicious!” she said, while pointing at a big fish that could easily be compared to a sea bass. “And this one,” she gestured towards, “this one would be good to cook!” I was smiling to myself and laughing on the inside, thinking, this is the shit that Asian parents say when going through an aquarium. “This one is a monster!” she exclaimed. “Would this be poisonous if we ate it?”

“WHAT?!” I said to her. “You’re not supposed to be looking at all these fish thinking they are tasty! These are for you to enjoy watching them!”

She laughed and patted my arm. She just wants to eat them all.

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