Fuzzy navel

There exists a cocktail that is called the fuzzy navel. It’s a mixed drink made from peach schnapps and orange juice. Depending on the drinker’s taste, it could even have a stash of vodka or some added lemonade.

I’ve actually never had this cocktail myself, but I thought about it this morning when I woke up from the oddest stream of dreams. In the first dream, my mom is accusing of doing something I know I didn’t do (well, I guess that’s just a sad flashback to my years of living and being slightly mentally tortured at home). But in the second dream I can recall, Chris is telling me that my stomach is hairy and that I should consider waxing it. I have visible hair on my stomach? I thought. I have a fuzzy navel…? What happened to me overnight that this could be possible?

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