China bound

Today, Chris picked up our Chinese visas from the consulate office. We both got approved for 10-year, multiple entry visas, and we’ll begin using that visa at the end of this June.

I feel a bit conflicted about going back to China. Although I am excited to see places I haven’t been before like Beijing, Chengdu, and Hangzhou, and also interested in seeing how much Shanghai has changed in the last 13 years, I can’t help but already feel annoyed at how on guard I will have to be there, about everything from people spitting everywhere and missing me (this happened even while in the visa line at the Consulate on Monday), people trying to rip me off or take me on a longer taxi route, and in general, the rudeness that is oftentimes associated with Chinese service in general.

I felt like I had such a peaceful, happy, helpful experience everywhere we went in Taiwan, and it was such a contrast to being in mainland China even as a student who was so eager to practice her language skills 13 years ago. Now, I just need to brace myself and restart brushing up on my speaking skills.

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