Hair breakage

I’ve never really been into hair at all. I don’t use any hair products other than shampoo and conditioner. The few times a year when I curl my hair, I use a heat protective spray and hairspray to set the curls. But ever since I started highlighting my hair about two years ago, I realize that my hair gets less oily than before, so now, I can go with washing my hair with shampoo as little as two days a week sometimes. However, it’s also led to more frequent split ends since I have very fine hair, and recently, much to my complete horror, the ends of my hair just keep breaking every single time I comb through it or take my hair out of a bun. Tiny little one- to two-inch pieces break off, and I’m left with a mess to clean up on my bathroom floor and in my comb.

Yesterday, I went in for a trim with my hairstylist, and I told her that my hair was breaking. It’s most likely due to the combination of color treatment, harsh winter cold, and my morning blowdrying I have to do before heading out for work (since the last thing I want is my hair to turn to ice and break into pieces outside). She gave me a three-step deep hair conditioning treatment/masque to apply this weekend and said I needed to start giving my hair some TLC, otherwise it would just keep breaking.

I left the hair salon feeling so high maintenance. Now, I’m going to be that woman who has to masque her hair.

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