My friend has had a dog (well, her mom primarily takes care of it and owns it) since 2010. In the seven years she’s had this dog, this dog has pretty much always hated me. Every time I used to come over, Tucker would growl at me and avoid my touch. From being a little puppy to a grown adult, he has refused to give me any affection.

Well today, for the first time in nearly seven years, this dog was excited and friendly with me. No growing, no barking — just licks and love. I couldn’t figure out what the difference was.

That is, until I asked what happened during our coastal walk and hike in Half Moon Bay all together with the dog, and my friend said it’s because of how much the dog loves being outside and off leash to wander around as he pleases. He feels free, so he’s happy to see everyone and anyone. He ran and jumped and rolled and scratched himself against grass and sand to his little heart’s content… and to my friend’s horror because she knew she’d need to bathe the little rascal tonight to rid him of all the dirt.

Dogs have such a simple life. I hope this little guy is grateful.

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