Breakfast smoothie gone awry

My mom wants me to be a good wife and daughter-in-law. She knows that Chris’s parents are in town this week, so yesterday when I talked to her, she asked what I was making them for breakfast every morning. That’s a code for, she expects me to be preparing something for them to eat each morning to fulfill my good daughter-in-law duties.

The last two mornings they have been here, I’ve been making breakfast smoothies. On Wednesday morning, I made a pineapple, banana, spinach, Greek yogurt, almond milk, and chia seed smoothie. On Thursday, I made a wild blueberry, cherry, spinach, avocado, Greek yogurt, almond milk, and chia and flax seed smoothie. These smoothies take less than 5 minutes of prep work and even less than 2 minutes of blending via a blender. No one here is doing any hand blending here. The blender does all the work. My mom doesn’t seem to get this, and she asks why I’m doing “so much work” and “aren’t Chris and his mom helping you out at all?” She sounds annoyed and makes it seem like I am doing slave labor. I just explained to her that this takes less than ten minutes both mornings. Why is there such a problem here?
My mom would never admit this, but she doesn’t like it when she knows people are staying at my apartment, unless they are her and my dad, of course. She doesn’t like the idea of people “freeloading” off someone’s apartment for free accommodation. She also doesn’t like me spending time with other people in general. She’s basically just jealous that I am spending the next week with Chris’s parents and not her. She will never stop being like this. And it comes out in conversations like this very clearly.

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