I need to sleep well on weeknights and fight off this stupid insomnia, and I’m averse to trying anything like sleeping pills, or even herbal supplements that claim to be “all natural” like melatonin. The idea of using something external and putting it into me to get me to sleep just doesn’t seem right. I guess I got my aversion to medicine from my dad at a young age. He always used to tell us that our bodies are strong and capable, that with time, if something is wrong with us, our bodies know how to fight it off (well, this obviously doesn’t apply to things like AIDS or cancer, but I think we all know he means minor things like colds and sore throats).

As I was thinking of things to soothe me, I remembered a tiny bottle of lavender essential oil I’d purchased in December 2013 when we visited a small lavender farm in Akaroa Harbour, New Zealand. Just the thought of it made me smile and remember that place, which is one of the most gorgeous spots I’ve ever visited. I took the bottle out and dabbed some on my neck and wrists, and as I remembered how beautiful it was there and how much we enjoyed it, I somehow managed to drift off into an amazing sleep last night.

And then I accidentally hit my alarm off this morning instead of snoozing it, and I missed my window to go to the gym. Well, at least I slept well.

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