More bad dreams

The bad dreams still seem to keep happening. It’s not just one dream, but a series of dreams that all interweave into each other to the point where I’m unsure if they are all separate or part of the same twisted story. Last night, I dreamt that Chris asked to go on a “break,” which of course was pretty devastating to me. I felt so lonely.

Then, I was in a scene where this boy I went to elementary school with who lived only two blocks from my parents’ home was my friend in today’s world, but he was having a dilemma where his girlfriend was so distrustful of him that she would call him anywhere from 20-30 times a day when they were not physically together. He showed me her constant text messages and missed call log. I took his phone and threw it onto a couch, and he got really angry with me and said I had to treat his phone with respect. Eventually, he disappears, and I still have his phone. I’m watching the bubbles pop up every time she texts him. As the minutes go by, his entire screen is full of text messages from him. I finally unlock his phone, which had no pass code, and told her that he’s on his way to see her. I’m not sure why I did that, but I wanted to shut her up.

It’s not easy to understand, but I guess this is my subconscious.

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