Mini movie

I saw Ed again last night. He seems to be making very frequent appearances in the last month. Maybe it’s because I’m thinking about him a lot every time I think about wedding planning.

I dreamt I was at my parents’ house in their living room, and I was staring at the mantle, where photos of us throughout our childhood are displayed. I glanced at one photo in particular, which was of the two of us at Spreckles Lake in Golden Gate Park, or what we called “the duck pond” that we visited often growing up. We used to go there with our mother, occasionally our father, our grandmother, and sometimes even my aunt and her three sons. Out of nowhere, the photograph in the frame starts playing a movie from our childhood. It’s like I’m seeing a complete reenactment with the photo frame as my mini television. I watch my brother and me play and yell and laugh, and together we feed the ducks their bits of stale bread that they gobble up. I see my mother get into the picture as she sees me getting ominously close to the edge of the lake, and Ed goes chasing a pigeon since he hates them.

These are the little moments that you never really forget.

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