Super Bowl

What is it about football that gets everyone all excited, anyway? I don’t see anything that is really athletic or “skilled” about it. It seems to be a sport that gives men an excuse to get super fat and bulky and just tackle and get rough with each other. At least with a sport like baseball, which I don’t even like, I can actually see the skill and technique that goes into it. I’d say the same for sports like soccer (football in every normal country outside of the U.S.), basketball, tennis, etc. The men who play it don’t even run that much.

Maybe it’s Reprise and working on Hyundai and Kia ads for four years that ruined Super Bowl for me. Or maybe it’s the fact that I did advertising for Super Bowl all those years, and I always disliked football and the NFL in general.

It also doesn’t help that Super Bowl day is a day of the year that supposedly known to have one of the highest reported rates of domestic violence. Isn’t it interesting how rough “sports” like football bring out the worst in men?

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