Choices made

So we’ve finally decided on the city for our wedding, and it certainly wasn’t an easy one to make. I’ve spent the last five weeks researching venues across Melbourne and Southern California, thinking most of that time that we’d be having our wedding in Melbourne since that’s where most of Chris’s family is, and where it would be easiest for both of his grandmothers to get to given their elderly ages. I also thought it would make the most sense since things are just generally cheaper there with weddings, and the exchange rate has only made the U.S. dollar even stronger there.

Then this past weekend’s trip to Los Angeles kind of destroyed the idea of our Melbourne wedding. And two venues in Southern California topped the list. I’m sure one venue in particular in Melbourne, who I’ve probably exchanged at least 50 e-mails with and have called at least four times, is completely exasperated and pissed that they don’t get my business and money after the time they’ve invested in me. I’ll be honest; I felt really frustrated after spending all that time researching everything from venues to external caterers to rental companies in Melbourne. I feel like it’s a sunk cost. I devoted so much time into that city, and now our wedding is no longer going to be there. I spent a lot of time on Southern California, too, but nowhere as much time was devoted to that.

I actually really wanted us to get married in Melbourne, not just because of Chris’s family and his two grandmas, but also because I know that this would be the one opportunity to force my parents to travel to Australia. I think it would be nice if they could come see what Chris’s family’s country is like, how he grew up, and what the culture is like there versus here. I guess now that we’ve made our decision, they will never come. And both of Chris’s grandmothers won’t be able to come to California. But it will always be impossible to please everyone.

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