Yesterday, I redeemed my Sephora coupon for a complimentary makeover. It was set to expire next month, and I had no idea when else I’d want to have my makeup professionally done. The makeup artist who was working on me asked what kind of look I was going for. I told her I was going out to celebrate my birthday last night, so I wanted a birthday look that maybe would play up my eyes. Can we go for the “smoky eye” look? And so she proceeded to spend the next 90 minutes working on my face. The request for “light” skin coverage apparently wasn’t heard or was just ignored.

When she was done and gave me the mirror, I looked at my reflection in complete shock. I could barely recognize myself. I think those are my eyes, and that’s my nose, but now my nose looks a bit distorted because of all the foundation. I looked like a vampy, exotic Asian, with eyes that were almost made to look slanted up. I had to ask her to tone that down, so she altered it slightly.

My friend told me last night that she thought I looked amazing, that the only reason I didn’t like it was because I just wasn’t used to seeing myself made up like this. Now I know what I do not want as a wedding look, or any look ever again.

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