Jet lag

We slept for 12 hours last night and woke up at around 11am this morning. This never happens to us.

Both of us are usually quite good about not getting jet lag and timing our naps and awake times on planes. I’ve been doing this since I did my first international trip to China in 2006. One strategy I’ve used to force myself back onto local time is to never take any additional days off to “recover,” and instead to go right back to work the next day. It forces me to be alert and get back into my usual routine.

That strategy doesn’t really work when the next day, you actually have the day off because it’s New Year’s Eve.

In the blur of our jet lag, I’ve started our wedding venue research and contacted at least 13 other venues today. The new year will have a lot to accomplish for our wedding, careers, and personal lives.

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