Venue inspections

We visited three potential venues today, and something seemed a bit off about all of them for us. The first one was the most naturally beautiful – it was a reception venue in the midst of the Dandenongs built to maximize the beauty of the forest surrounding it. The food menu was a bit lacking, though, and they didn’t allow for outsider caterers. The second and the third were owned by the same hospitality group. The second felt the most staged in terms of photo opportunities but had the grandest entrance and cocktail/bar area. I also loved the layout of the reception room. The third was still under renovation in many parts, but was the cheapest for a venue hire.

The idea of having a wedding in a place that is 100 percent for weddings doesn’t really sit well with me. It seems a bit trite to have a wedding at a place like that to me. I think I’d prefer a place that was a garden or a winery or something specific that also happened to host weddings and other functions; it would have a bit more character.

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