Goal surpassed

In less than three days, I’ve managed to surpass my fundraising goal for the Out of the Darkness walk for suicide prevention. I had no idea that people I e-mailed would be so generous with their donations. I guess people can surprise me in positive ways more often than I would normally give them credit for.

I’ve debated whether I want to publish this to Facebook or not. The fact that this is even a question in my head is obviously testament to today’s era of everything being about social networks. Would anyone actually donate money to this cause for me if they didn’t already know the back story of what happened with Ed? Would they even care? I’m honestly not sure.

Chris said that I should tell my parents I am doing this. I’m not sure I want to do that either. My parents have always disapproved of any volunteer or charity work I have done. When I first suggested donating money in my brother’s name after he passed away, they both thought I was being ridiculous and wasteful, and said that Ed’s gone; what difference would a donation do? What am I trying to do — save the world?


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