Wedding thoughts not from me

I recently was lucky enough to get a 20% off coupon for, so I started doing some browsing, which led to browsing on other shoe sites. My friends and I like to share and ask each others’ opinions on clothes and shoes, so I sent links to two different pairs of shoes (one very dressy and formal, another more trendy and more for casual outings) to two of my friends on the same e-mail chain. I just ask in the e-mail what their thoughts are on these shoes, and my first friend responds that one pair is really cute, but the other pair, she cannot imagine would go with any wedding dress, and she asks what type of dress I’d consider wearing with it. I literally laughed out loud when I saw her response because no where in my e-mail did I mention that these were shoes I’d consider for my future wedding. My second friend responds and says that she thought I was looking at these as potential wedding shoes.

It’s funny that this happened because it’s almost like my friends are thinking about my wedding planning more than I actually am; I wasn’t thinking about wedding anything at all when I sent these links, but they just assumed I was and were replying with a wedding mindset. I guess this is how you know when your friends are completely roped into your wedding thinking and planning.

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