Series of dreams

Our office got a Nespresso maker with a milk foamer, and yesterday, some colleagues and I were tinkering with it. I somehow ended up deciding to have a double shot of espresso with foam at 4pm. I should have known it would mess up my ability to fall asleep that night.

I don’t think I ended up falling asleep until past 1 this morning, but I remember the most convoluted series of dreams that I’ve had in a while. In the first dream, I’m at home with my mom and Ed. My mom has just come back from work. It appears I am in elementary school and Ed is in high school. She’s obviously had a bad day because she starts yelling at both of us about the single dirty dish left in the sink. “Were you waiting for me to come home from work to wash this for you?” she yells from the kitchen. “All dishes should have been washed before I came home!” She started slamming drawers and doors in the kitchen, and Ed sulks on the couch in the living room, rolling his eyes and giving me a sympathizing glance. I get really angry, and I run down the hall to my room, slam the door, and lock it. My mom starts screaming at me for slamming and demands I open the door. I refuse. I hear Ed cheering for me outside the door.

In the next dream, Chris and I are at some random museum where we are viewing miniature roller coaster ride models. A friend from middle school pops up, and she is apparently our docent for this tour. She seems like she doesn’t want to guide us and is being passive aggressive with me.

In the last dream, I am at work and feeling miserable. My colleagues are all ignoring me. I guess that’s somewhat familiar, but still unsettling.

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