Vaccination booklet

I hate that feeling of looking for something constantly and not being able to find it. When I got all my travel vaccines for Brazil, I left the booklet stuck in a massive stack of paper about vaccines and international travel on the kitchen counter. Chris put it away somewhere, and now I have no idea where it is. Even though I just found out I don’t need the booklet since proof of the yellow fever vaccine is not required for re-entry into the U.S, it still bothers me that I don’t know where it is.

So as I am fumbling through different papers and documents, I come across an official copy of my brother’s death certificate at the bottom of the pile. I’d never seen a death certificate before I’d seen my brother’s. Who would have thought it would have so many details on it? It even has to have the decedent’s parents’ places of birth. I have only really looked at it three times, and each time has not ended very well.

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