Busy times and thinking

A friend and I were chatting today, and I was asking about how her new job was going. She said to me that she was so busy learning and doing all of these new things that she hadn’t really spent much time thinking about how she felt at all – she was just doing it. I can relate to that; it’s easy to just do things because you have them scheduled and planned or because work just sucks all of your time, and then forget about your actual mind set while doing all of these things. There were times in my life I remember being like that socially – socializing for the sake of socializing, even when it was with people who I barely clicked with at all and didn’t even find remotely interesting. And in the last few months with work, I guess I haven’t spent that much time until now thinking about how I feel about it all. It’s been really busy, which seems like it would be a good thing… or is it?

Like my friend said to me today, is this really what I’m supposed to be doing with my life for the foreseeable future? Is there something else out there that’s for me that would be more fulfilling? Every time we make a decision, we’re also making a decision to give something else up. So when’s the next time I’m going to actively make a big decision that will affect my life?

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