Not being home alone

Chris decided to do a makeup mentoring session with a mentee tonight, so I thought I would end up going home to eat dinner alone. I had saved banh bao for a friend who works nearby and told him I’d meet him after work to give it to him, and since he didn’t have dinner plans, I went to have some drinks with him at Bierhaus on 3rd Avenue. It wasn’t planned, but we had fun catching up and talking about utter randomness.

I was waiting for the bus to go uptown when Chris came home and realized I wasn’t there, so he texted me to see where I was. I told him I didn’t feel like going home to be alone, and he asked why. I guess I was feeling moody tonight, mad that there were events happening that I felt left out of, and the idea of being alone made me feel really lonely. I’m usually fine being alone the rare times I am, and I actually enjoy the quiet. I can do things like organize (I’m anal like that), read, catch up on e-mails, etc. But tonight was not one of those nights.

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