Dinner with an old classmate

Today, I arrived in Atlanta for another work trip. I’ll be here until Tuesday meeting clients, so I set some time up to meet with an old high school classmate who is down here getting his MBA at Emory. This classmate and I talked on and off throughout high school, and other than Facebook, we never really kept in touch since then. The last time I was here a month ago, I posted a photo of Atlanta skyscrapers, which prompted him to message me on Facebook and ask to catch up.

He was just as quirky and awkward as I remembered him to be, except now that we are adults, the awkwardness comes in around conversation topics that I don’t really embrace, like “when are you getting married?” and “by the way, most of the girls around your age are already married!” He told me he dated someone for five years to eventually break up with her. She was indirectly pressuring him to get married; he did not have marriage anywhere on his radar. This is why men suck.

Believe it or not, though, it was still a good meeting and dinner.

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