Should vs. Must

I think I am going through one of those phases again when I feel disconnected from the world. It doesn’t help that the day started out gloomy, and I’ve been waking up to a persisting soreness on the left side of my jaw. This is what happens when you grind your teeth, even with a mouth guard.

Then my friend sent me this article about the crossroads of “should” and “must.” Then I felt even worse. What if your job = your career = your calling? Is my calling to work in ad technology? Was it my calling to have spent over four years working at a digital agency, or nine months at a technology company before that? Maybe most of my life has been spent doing “should” and only very recently I’ve really started on the “must” – as in traveling or photographing because I love those things. Or maybe I don’t really know what my “must” is that could be my career.

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