Aging face

Your parents will likely be the most honest people you will ever know – at least, honest when it comes to what they think of and how they perceive you. Sometimes, you will love it, and other times (maybe most times) even hate it, but let’s face it – they’re probably doing it because they know that no one else has the guts to be as blunt. When you have crappy grades, they will remind you to work harder. You, in turn, will resent them and curse under your breath. When the guy you love dumps you and they tell you that they saw it coming ages ago, you will cry and want to hate them. And when they tell you that you are getting older and can see the age on your face, you will give them a look like, “great, I already knew that, but I was hoping no one else could see it!” That was me last week.

My mom was reminding me that I am 28, and I will turn 29 next year (yes, I know how to count, Mommy). You’re not getting any younger, she said (I don’t believe anyone is?). And then comes the very hated yet anticipated “when are you getting engaged/married” discussion, where she basically tells me that as I am getting older and my face shows it, men won’t want to marry me once I get past 30. So much for Sex and the City changing the genuine perspectives of this world.

I don’t look that bad, do I?

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