Sixth night

It’s my sixth night back home – feels like time has flown since I arrived on Saturday. I guess it helps that I’ve had activities planned with friends and family, as well as work definitely picking up. Some people question efficiency and work ethic when working from home; I feel like I’ve worked harder at home the last three days than I have right in the office.

All these nights have passed without Ed being here. I suppose it will always be a bit of an adjustment every time I come home and know he isn’t here. I’ve even found myself straightening out his bed before I go to sleep to make sure his side of the room is nice and tidy before bed time. I’ve gone through emotional moments in the last six days – thinking, remembering, wishing. I still wish that we could meet up once in a while, maybe at a midway point between heaven and earth, and we could just sit in the middle together and talk and laugh and hug and even cry together. I could tell him about the latest thing our mother is worrying over (the most recent thing has been that Chris doesn’t want to marry me and is just dragging our relationship out until forever), and he could tell me his latest discovery in his new world. We’d hug and say our goodbye – until next time. Maybe tonight in my dreams, it will happen again.


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