It’s another sign of age when you start experiencing ailments that always used to make you wonder why everyone else experienced that and you never did. For me, that ailment was the creepy headache.

I don’t think I’d ever gotten a real headache before the age of 27. If I said I did, I was probably lying to get out of something. But yesterday morning, I started getting one. I could feel the pulsing beginning slowly. I managed to not only go to lunch, finish a number of things at work and complete the work day, but even survive a 2.5 hour mentor training session after work. Then I went home, tried to sleep, and failed. I don’t even remember what time I actually fell asleep.

Then my trusty gym alarm on my phone goes off at 5:45 this morning, and I think, yay, the headache is gone! I shut off my alarm to start getting dressed for my workout, and as soon as I get on my feet, this overwhelming pain takes over my temples and all over my head, and I decide to skip the gym. And work. Yet I have all these work e-mails piling up that even though I have a headache, I know I will be working from home anyway.

Whoever decided headaches should be something that people should experience is such a jerk.


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