Disappearing act

Last night, we went to a magic show that was really awful. Chris wanted us to try seeing something different than the usual off-off or off-broadway theater that we usually see, so he got us tickets to a magic show called “You Will Be Thrilled.” It was scheduled to be 90 minutes, and ended up being only about 40 minutes. The lead was a complete disaster. He didn’t explain anything well, messed up on pretty much all of his “tricks,” and ended the show extremely abruptly. We requested a refund via Eventbrite and got our money back.

Another magic trick happened in my dream last night. I was at home with my mom, and she was saying that she had two children, a son and a daughter, yet her son wasn’t with us anymore. As she said this, I looked across the room, and there was Ed, sitting near our massive CD/DVD collection, organizing them quietly while sitting Indian-style. I ran over to him to hug him, and as he reached out to hug me back, POOF! He disappeared. Right into thin air. He was gone that quickly.

As I retold this dream to Chris this morning, he told me that this seems to be a reoccurring dream for me – my being in some place, seeing Ed and not expecting to see him, and running up to him to embrace him.

Maybe this is his way of reminding me not to forget about him. If it is, boy, is he an idiot. Do you really think I could forget about you, Ed? I think about you every day, constantly. It would be impossible to forget you even though you forgot how much I love you and decided to leave me in this world alone forever.

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