Late mail and photo cards

During our time in the Southern Hemisphere in December, we set up mail hold with USPS. In 2012 when we did this, we had no problems, and on the first day we arrived back, our mail was already in a big bag waiting for us at the front door. This year didn’t go so smoothly. This time around, the mail arrived a week late after I called USPS and the local post office almost a dozen times altogether to complain and demand that the mail be delivered as originally requested. Frustrating, but I suppose it’s better late than never.

In the mail, I received three “happy holiday” photo greeting cards from each of my three cousins. This is a regular thing that they will be sending probably for as long as they live (or aren’t wrinkly, maybe). This past year, Chris and I sent a few photo greeting cards but limited it to just a few people we thought would appreciate them..and I guess my relatives. It made me wonder whether we will be that family who, once we have children, will send these photo greeting cards, year after year. I tend to keep these because I generally always keep cards and photos for sentimental reasons, but how many of these actually just get tossed every year? Who really appreciates opening and receiving these things? Are my cousins going to keep the ones that I send?

For some reason, I am strongly doubtful.

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