Bhuja or “mixture”

I’ve decided that coming to Australia in the winter months is probably not the healthiest thing for me when it comes to snacking. Pre-Chris, I was never much of a snacker, as when I did have food between meals, it was always fruit. Post-Chris, I have been exposed to lots of delicious but dangerous snacks, like Arnott’s Tim Tams, chocolate-dipped Scotch Fingers, and Barbeque Shapes, as well as the spicy and addictive bhuja or “mixture” that is ubiquitous in Indian families’ homes. These are chickpea and bean-flour-based snacks that are deep fried and seasoned with spice. It’s as normal as a place setting at the table. Nibble while you chatter away, and chatter and nibble away, we do.

The mixture we recently picked up for his mum in Dandenong was bought in varying degrees of spiciness. I’m sure if Ed were here, he’d probably eat an entire pack of this himself in a sitting and not even realize it. That’s the way Ed was – when you presented him with something tasty, he had little self control and would just keep eating and eating. I’m not quite sure if it was because the snack itself was so good, or if it was just because he loved the act of eating itself.

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