Sliced fruit

I don’t eat my apple in my hand. I actually like to have it sliced up and most of the time, even peel the skin off. The waxy texture of most non-organic apples has always annoyed me, but I’m trying to get over it by cutting off just some of the skin. And then other times, I buy organic apples.

Now, I cut fruit for Chris and me every day. He won’t eat fruit unless I cut it up for him (leaving it in the fruit bowl isn’t enough. He barely notices it). While cutting fruit today, I thought about how Ed used to also peel off apple skin and slice up all of his fruit. When I was home, we used to cut each other fruit and leave it there for each other if we were both there. I guess that’s another thing we have in common; we both continued eating fruit the same way it was served to us when we were kids. And then I was reminded of how our mother said that in the last couple of months before he left us, he stopped cutting up fruit and eating it altogether unless my mom cut it and put it in front of him. That must have been how little he cared at that point.

It would be nice to cut up fruit for Ed again.

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