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Since the spring, I’ve been subscribing to Birchbox, an internet company that will send subscribers generous, high-end samples of cosmetics, skincare, and even occasionally accessories and food items for $10 per month. It’s like a way to discover new products and things that are compatible with your face, skin, and style without exploring these things in a store. I’ve discovered a lot of things through it that I really like, and I’m going to admit now that I spend a decent amount of time on their main e-commerce site and blog reading about new products and skincare tips. I suppose you could say it’s like a guilty pleasure to click on their Twitter bit.ly links and spend too much time reading and looking at sparkly girly things.

I started thinking about the pleasure I get out of receiving my monthly Birchbox in the mail and reading the blog, and it made me realize that immersing myself in these activities, because of the fact that I don’t have to think too hard about it and it causes me absolutely no stress – it’s almost like a nice distraction from reality itself. When I’m reading about how to use a highlighter pencil or looking at the latest Essie shades, I momentarily forget about life’s problems and stresses and pains, and I just live in the moment of these seemingly trivial pursuits. Maybe we all need some form of this in limited quantities to stay sane.

Anyway, Ed would probably be happy if he knew I was doing this. He always used to scold me and say I didn’t indulge myself enough. I guess this is my small monthly indulgence that I hope Ed is smiling about up there.

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