White room

Chris had his first ever dream of Ed the other night. The three of us were sitting in a very bright white room, and we were planning something while laughing and joking around. Oddly in the dream, Ed appeared very muscular with very defined biceps. Ed was a pretty skinny guy (though looks are deceiving, as he was very strong); it never mattered how much he ate because he’d always pretty much stay the same size. And he ate quite a lot! After he began practicing karate, he definitely became more fit and tone, and his arms became more muscular. But from the way Chris describes it, Ed would be like the next Iron Man with his new biceps.

Maybe we met him in heaven in that dream together. I always imagined heaven would be a bright place that was mostly white. Ed’s skin would be really clear, and he’d have the super masculine body he may have always wanted. He’d have 20/20 vision and never have to wear glasses again, his teeth would remain straight and white without a need for his retainers, and most importantly, he’d constantly be smiling and laughing, as though he knew how to do nothing else.

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