Geeky moment

I had a moment at work today that would be classified as a “geeky moment.” I was working on a quarterly performance template and creating graphs with fake data, and I wanted to create a bar chart showing media spend with a line graph overlaid on top of it showing gross profit. Since my current work computer has Microsoft Office 2013 installed, I wasn’t used to this new version, so it took some time before I realized that the way I was trying to create this type of graph was outdated, and the multiple steps I had taken before have now been replaced by the click of a “Combo” button. I was in Excel heaven for the next ten minutes.

For some reason, this reminded me of the times I have helped Ed format his resumes in Word, and how he was never confident using any type of computer program other than Internet Explorer. I downloaded Chrome and Firefox on his computer, and when I came home in July to look at the history, it was empty. He never even opened those two browsers. And I don’t think he ever used Excel at all after he left City College.
This geeky moment made me realize that this is one of many moments that Ed will never have again – these little things in life that seem stupid or inane but provide short term excitement – he will never know what these are like ever again.
I still cannot believe he is gone.

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