Tonight, I had dinner with a friend I’ve had for the last two years. We haven’t seen each other since the beginning of June. I was actually supposed to have dinner with him the Wednesday of the week that Ed passed away (that was a Monday, but it was confirmed on Tuesday), but I obviously canceled and told him over text that my brother was gone. He sent me a brief text to let me know he was sorry and if there was anything he could do, to let him know.

Since then, the only communication we’ve really had is when I’ve sent out mass e-mails with him on it about Ed’s service details, a copy of the eulogy I gave, and an online album of our childhood photos together. I wasn’t really in the mood to contact anyone proactively since I have been back, and so he finally contacted me a week ago to see if I was free for dinner.

Tonight, he never asked once about my brother or what happened. Am I supposed to think he was being sensitive to the topic and was waiting for me to bring it up, or am I supposed to think he doesn’t care to know? Or, am I supposed to think that we aren’t that close, so why would he even want to know?

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