Bad news

While reading my Twitter feed today, I found one tweet that was pretty depressing: this season, a Simpsons character will die. I immediately thought of the Bart figurine that I am keeping with me and bringing everywhere to symbolize Ed, and it made me really sad. In the short space of the last two and a half months, my brother, Chris’s best friend’s father, Chris’s cousins’ grandmother, my best friend’s friend, and my other best friend’s roommate’s coworker, have all passed away. My best friend from college has been diagnosed with lymphoma. Then, just yesterday, I found out that this “cold” that my dad has been battling for over a month is actually pneumonia, so I’ve forced him (via my mother, who is tending to him) to stay at home, take his antibiotics, and REST.

And now, one of the Simpsons characters is going to die, too? Even fictional people are dying in my life now! I don’t know how much more bad news I can handle. I’m nearing my breaking point with negative news and negative anything.

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