Big fish

I had a lot of jumbled dreams last night, and now, I can’t seem to remember any of them except one. In that dream, I was here at home, and my mother was telling me that my uncle invited Ed to go fishing with him, but they didn’t catch any fish. I told her that wasn’t true because Ed had told me that they caught a really big fish, and he’d even sent me a photo of it. So then, my mother starts grumbling on, not understanding why Ed wouldn’t save them any of the fish, and wondering where he actually took the fish and if he had cooked it.

My first instinct is to also wonder why he didn’t bring back any of the fish to share with my parents. Then my next thought is, actually, he was probably smart to do that because they probably wouldn’t have appreciated it anyway and would have found something to nitpick at. The shower curtain in our bathroom was torn and has been torn for a long time, so I decided to replace it with a new one and also add in a liner. My dad just started complaining about it, saying it was excessive to have more than a liner in the bathroom. I guess Ed was always aware that they can’t appreciate anything and just love to find the worst in everything. Yet somehow, I keep trying, and he has already stopped.

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