Coping with grief

What is a normal amount of time to grieve? Is it a few weeks, a few months, an entire year, a decade? It’s been two weeks, and even little things trigger emotions in me and make me cry. Yesterday, I went to my old office to drop off my laptop and say hi to my former coworkers, and one gave me a really touching look and simply said, “How are you?” and my eyes immediately started welling up. I want to move on with my life, enjoy the things I’ve always enjoyed, and smile and laugh as though nothing awful has happened to me in the last few weeks, but in the back of my mind, my brother’s memory lingers. It’s not that I want to forget about him; it’s quite the contrary. Because I love him so much, I want to live the happy life that he never had the chance to live – for both of us. But how and when will that happen when even the little things make me cry?

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